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Acupuncture, Salt room, Massage, bio resonance offered in our wellness center.

We all thrive for health and happiness on this planet. But we all know very few attain it!...At Health by choice we believe in wholeness, we care for the person first and then we aim for physical well being, balance,  and move toward wholeness, this is called healing. We do use tools such as acupuncture, massage, holistic approach for detoxification and also cutting edge technology to raise your frequency/voltage with the sensitive Imago, or Dr. Tennant's Bio modulator and counseling. We built a heck of a Salt room therapy aiming at improving lung function, immune system therefore better breathing and better performance. We offer meditation combined with salt room therapy, all in one! Come check us out, we are here to serve you and we will love to meet you...

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Salt Room in Aventura, Acupuncture in Aventura, All at Health by Choice in Aventura.


Established in 2013.My business naturally came to life as I have been in the healing field for more than 20 years, a started as a massage therapist, and became an acupuncture physician. My quest for health intended at the beginning for myself, and this search lead me to be and do what I am doing today. I have always wanted to operate a wellness center and provide to people different alternatives to choose for the betterment of their health. The earlier the better that's why we call it preventative medicine. The sky Is the limit, I strongly believe we can live long and we can live healthy to pursue our happiness in life.


Health is wealth,  there are many ways to the mountain top. Which way we choose determines our health outcome. We are responsible for our wellbeing, I am a post sign on your path, a true healer in my soul, a guide and helper. I practice what I preach, I love to make people feel good and the best they could be by procuring invaluable tools for health, rejuvenation and natural source with f healing modality. I was born in Vietnam, raised in France, studied Chinese medicine and is board certified in the state of Florida.


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